Transparency is the secret to better healthcare.

How our platform works for you.

NeoPath primary care clinics engage in a more sustainable way for your company to cover employee healthcare costs. Best of all, you only pay a flat management fee.

Our team will help you design and build a clinic either onsite or near-site.

Staffing and Management
We staff and manage your clinic with highly-skilled, board-certified medical professionals.

Primary Care for Employees
The employees you cover can use the clinic as their source of primary care.

We make referrals as required.

Why our platform works for you.

Untethered from the traditional payment and delivery systems, you’ll have the freedom to avoid the practices that drive up the costs of care and insurance.

No referral revenue quotas.

No test revenue incentives.

Just great care, patient outcomes, and employer satisfaction.


Everybody wins.

NeoPath helps you create a stronger team of employees. One that is more productive, engaged and efficient for your competitive advantage.

Happier, Healthier Employees

  • No copays
  • No deductibles
  • Free basic prescriptions
  • Less missed work
  • Whole family coverage options

Competitive Advantage

An onsite clinic is a helpful employee retention tool and magnet in a tight labor market that helps differentiate your employer brand.

Better Care

Our medical staff can spend more time with patients to truly get to know them, manage chronic conditions and catch issues early.

Cost Controls

  • Flat management fee
  • Direct-to-manufacturer drug pricing
  • 0% markup on supplies, equipment and medication
  • Greater access to primary care reduces visits to specialists
  • Total claims decline as employee health improves

Productivity Gains

Employees require less time off and away from work when they visit an onsite clinic. Injuries and conditions can be caught earlier to keep patients healthy and ready for work.

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The benefits of onsite clinics are undeniable, but you’ll want to know more about why and what that means for you.